Tim Kennedy

In the Pacific Northwest, Tim Kennedy is best known as the “Tim” the founder of Tim’s Cascade Style Potato Chips. Tim demonstrates that dreams take time as one educates themselves about their subject matter, creates a sound business plan and cultivates genuine relationships with fellow wine lovers, buyers and others in the industry.

Estate Wines

Don Carlo Vineyard is a team of two individuals with the dedicated help of family and friends during harvest was established in 2007, has been bottling estate wines that have quickly garnered attention from regional and international wine award festivals. With a mission to create quality, affordable wines that consistently impress their consumer, they refuse to compromise, exclusively using estate wines which differentiates them from many wineries in the Walla Walla Valley.

Lori Kennedy

Always having an appreciation and interest in farming and working with what the earth can provide, it wasn’t until Lori’s wine-making pursuit materialized and began to become a deserving part of the well-respected and blossoming Walla Walla Valley wine community. Educated at UC Davis, CA and Washington State University specializing in Viticulture & Enology.

Lori is the principal winemaker at Don Carlo.